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Mission Million Khichdi

Project Hunger

Donate Rs.450 Monthly and feed 360 People in a Year.
Did you know?

- Globally nearly 195 million people are under nourished, and India shares a quarter of the Global Hunger burden.

- At Global hunger index, India ranks 102nd out of 117 qualifying countries.

- 4 out of the 10 children are not meeting their Full Human Potential because of Chronic Under Nutrition & Stunting.

- By the end of the year 12,000 people per day could die from hunger linked to COVID-19, potentially more than will die from the disease itself.

- 97% of the health problems can be mitigated with having nutritious food.

So many problems, One Solution!

High Protein Nutritious Khichdi to All!

Ratna Nidhi always evolves and adopts the challenging times into opportunity to help others. We stand by the saying “TOGETHER we stand, TOGETHER we win!” 
Since March 29, 2020 Ratna Nidhi’s staff, volunteers and donors have come together to support each one and to look after our people and continuous support of the Volunteer network Ratna Nidhi has served meals more than 9lac+ people across Mumbai.
Our team has made all possible efforts to not let people sleep with empty stomach. 
Let us nourish the Country! Join us to eradicate hunger. Be the reason someone has food on their plate!
Feed a Person with Just Rs.15!

Please Note - You can make monthly ECS of the same amount.

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 - Ratna Nidhi’s campaigners are very approachable! I have donated books to their previous campaign as well. Extremely trustworthy people, constantly working for the benefit of society. Have recommended the trust to my friends! - Meena from Mumbai (50, Indian Audit Officer)

- I have seen first hand how efficiently Ratnanidhi has been handling the massive logistics & coordination to operate kitchens in various parts of Mumbai and distributing nutritious Khichdi meals to thousands of migrant workers & daily wagers. They take suggestions from donors too and act upon them immediately! Kudos to the selflessly committed group of Kitchen team, coordination team & volunteers who have galvanized into action from day 1 to serve our city amidst this crisis! - Moumita from Mumbai (Works with NGOs)


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