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Health & Mobility

Make Nashik Disability Free!

Amongst its broad umbrella of social activities, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has always been more inclined towards disability. It was the vision of Mr. Mehta, the founder of RNCT, to help the disabled, especially children. It has been transforming their lives since the last 2 decades. They are working towards achieving the dream of a disability-free Nashik.


Fayaz, 21 years

Fayaz had to drop out of education in Grade 8th due to poor financial conditions. At the age of 14, he developed some kind of infection in his legs and very soon had to get both his leg amputated. Both his parents are farmers and earned Rs.5000 per month. They looked up to him to shoulder the financial responsibilities at home. Fayaz was unemployed. “My new Jaipur Foot will help me live independently. I can finally train to become an electrician and be employed. My ami and abu are getting older and I need to support them now. Thank you ‘Ratna Nidhi’ for providing me with this Jaipur foot which will change my life”.

 Sajan Bhatia, 34 years.

Sajan was a year old when he contracted a high fever. Due to an incorrect injection, he acquired polio in both his legs. He has spent his entire childhood walking with crutches and continues to use them. He works as a computer technician. Flashing a hearty smile he says, “I live by myself and earn Rs.3500 per month. With the help of calipers, I will be able to walk better and it will help my legs be more stable. For a poor man like me, getting these calipers for free is a big blessing.”


Ratna Nidhi has successfully impacted a lot of lives. Disabled people walk in with high hopes and leave with a prosthetic limb within a few hours, free of cost. RNCT has brought in a complete 360-degree change in their lives. The kind of happiness they experience is priceless. You experience the perpetual joy of contributing towards making someone’s life beautiful.

We have already done 2 mobility camps in Nashik - in October 2018 and in March 2019. In these 2 camps 440+236 patients were rehabilitated and 676 disabled people are now walking again with pride and self confidence being now a part of main stream society. They once again dream of living a normal life, finding a job and earning a living.


Donate now to make Nashik Disability Free so that thousands of disabled in Nashik can walk again with pride and self confidence.

You can help them live a life of dignity!

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