Technology has aced the speed at which things work. It has essentially had a huge impact on the way the education system works. Studying is no more monotonous because the same concepts can be visualized and thus taught easily to the kids. This new way of learning (e-learning) has not only made the concepts fun to learn but also increased retention due to the visual aspect. Technology has defied time, distance and the efforts taken to obtain in-depth knowledge. Without technology, it wouldn’t have been possible.
While most of the children are growing and adapting to this new pace, there are schools that cannot afford to provide the same standard of education to their kids due to lack of funds. RNCT noticed that some of its partner schools are unable to provide computer education to their students due to high costs. Since then, RNCT took a call to intervene and provide the schools with computer sets.

Till date, RNCT has donated 270 computers.

Till date, RNCT has donated 270 computers.

RNCT has been providing computers to such schools through the donations received from people like you; people who believe in sharing their resources and becoming blessings in the lives of the less privileged.
Kindly leave your details and we’ll get back to you.
Call us on 7498989292 from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.


If you have an old computer which is not being used, kindly donate it for the bright future of the kids!
Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you.

  • Tasneem Urdu School

    I would like to thank RatnaNidhi Trust for their educational and charitable work

    Our school is in slums of Govandi. 10 donated computers have enabled us to set-up a computer lab where we now teach technical skills to our students.

  • Little Angels School (Bandra)

    Thank you for donating 5 computers to our school

    Our differently abled children are now exposed to the world of technology to the extent that they can comprehend.

  • Oasis India

    Thank you for donating 5 computers for programmer running at the Kamathipura hub

    Only with generous gestures from large-hearted organization like your that Oasis India seeks at accomplishing its vision. We are grateful for your support.

  • Holy Star English High School

    Thank you for your generous donation of 5 computers

    Because of your kindness, we can provide computer education to 1100 children. Our school lacked practical computers classes, but because of RatnaNidhi, our children can now learn though practical usage of the computers.