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Mr. J. D. Majithia (Indian Actor, Director and Producer)

MOBILITY CAMP AT JAMNAGAR, GUJARAT - In today's world, dedicating time and going an extra mile to help the needy at a personal level is rare to see. The kind of work you are doing is highly commendable. Having visited the medical camp and hearing about your work has left me completely speechless. Today, I feel grateful to God about so many things. I salute your effort and wish you all the success for your future endeavor.

Dr. Muhammed Arif - Principal, Samadiya College of Arts & Commerce

MISSION MILLION BOOKS - It is very good to see such a type of work going on. This exhibition will provide more benefit to the college library and students both. Staff co-operation is very nice. Wishing you all the best and hope your co-operation in future also.

Rajendra Tawde, Chief Executive - Society for Human & Environmental Development (SHED)

Thank you for your generous donation (cloths) for our underprivileged children. On behalf of Society for Human & Environmental Development (SHED), we heartily thank you for giving clothes for our children. We will distribute the clothes to the needy children. We look forward that in future you will be able to help these children in various other aspects for their growth & development. We are extremely grateful.

Principal, Maharshi WalmikiVidyalaya, Walhe, Pune

I Thank you very much for 977 books worth lakhs of rupees. It will definitely help our students to enrich their reading skills and knowledge forever. I hope you will help us to do our best in the field of education. Thanking you for all our staff and institution.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

I am very happy meeting Mahendrabhai Mehta & group of his Indian friends, who really dedicate the welfare of humanity general particularly in this country. This great, great work & great service to humanity in general particularly the less privileged or unfortunate people. So great work, great service, I really admire.

Edward Hill, MD ( Ex. President, American Medical Association)

Nothing has so moved me in recent years as my visit with you and seeing first hand, the enormously important work you are doing for the people of India. The work your Trust is performing is true evidence of the greatness of the human spirit and testimony to what Gandhi said so many years ago: We must be doing what we want the world to be.”I wish to congratulate you for all that you have accomplished and more importantly, encourage you and your colleagues in the work ahead. It speaks a universal language of love, compassion and care that knows no geographic boundaries.