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Celebrating 1 year of Project Hunger Mission Million Khichdi on 29th March, 2021 - Action for a Hunger - Free India


Its been over a year that the pandemic broke out. The existence of humankind was challenged.

While many of us had the advantage of having secured jobs, or savings, there were millions who were left to fend for themselves. Daily wage earners, street dwellers, migrant labourers, sex workers, and many other communities were adversely impacted. While the pandemic posed its challenge on one hand, ensuring food for these communities became a challenge.

These tough times called for some quick collective action for the less fortunate. It all began with the vision to ensure everyone gets food-  we got 5 kitchens running across the city to cook; our volunteers and drivers came forth to distribute in the communities, our donors ensured financing, our government departments like the BMC, the police guided on getting the relevant permissions; we had donations of PPE suits, sanitizers, etc. given to the volunteers to ensure safety.

This humongous mission of ensuring a Million Meals during humanity’s most dangerous pandemic was achieved successfully without any fatalities!
Together, we have ensured over a million meals with grit, determination & faith.