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Library on Wheels

India is stream-rolling her way into development but illiteracy continues to plague a large section of the people in India. However, in the recent times many children have shown the urge to learn, to be educated and have started attending schools. Despite being able to attend school, these children are unable to afford academic books due to the high prices. Often the libraries of our educational institutions lack quality educational and informative books. This deters students from reading and acquiring adequate knowledge on different subjects.

In order to provide access to quality educational books to students in India, Ratna Nidhi in association with ACC Ltd. seeks to create access to world class educational books to needy students in India free of cost. We aim to do this by setting up a Library on Wheels. This library will move around rural Maharashtra, making books accessible to children from low income backgrounds.

The project aims to cultivate reading habits among children by providing access to quality and informative reading material free of cost to educational institutions in India.

Donate a car for Educating young India in rural villages and slums of Mumbai.

Our Recent Camps & Activites

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