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Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

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Garment Distribution

 Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust is working for the welfare of society since the last 25 years. We have various welfare programs like Garment Project, Food for Education Programme, Mobility project, Book Donation project, Vocational Training project etc.

 Concept : 

 To give an underprivileged person a pair of clothes is as good as dressing him with self-respect. With this objective we distribute usable garments to the poorest of the poor children, women and men of all ages. To ensure that it reach out to more and more poor and needy people we distribute these garments through a network of various institutions / NGOs/ Schools / Colleges who are working with the poor and underprivileged group of society. They in turn distribute the garments to individual beneficiaries.

The Method of Distribution:

 1. The applications are invited from various institutions / NGOs working with Tribal / backward areas / or in the interiors are given preference .

 2. The NGO's are encouraged to do survey or to compile list of beneficiaries area /  village / Location wise to facilitate packing and distribution, and to tabulate Age/ Sex/ Size requirement.

 3. The garment department sort clothes as per group age /sex and size wise, to remove torn cloths, to count, to pack and to transport the agency destination.

Garments Sorting

 4. All care is taken to provide timely help to the beneficiaries e.g. woolens & sweaters in winter and cotton in summer.

 5.  Ratna Nidhi's representative maintains follow –up and when possible personally attends distribution. This in turn strengthens NGO to NGO contacts and opens many avenues of mutual co – operation in RNCT'S other projects such as Food, Mobility and Vocational Training.

The concerned organization then submits signed certificate of distribution of clothes along with the list of the beneficiaries and a few photographs.

So far we have been able to distribute 9,78,058 garments to needy  beneficiaries.

Our Recent Camps & Activites

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  • Free artificial hand

  • Artificial legs for Dogs

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  • M.G.Mehta Human Spirit Award 2017

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  • Ratna Nidhi ran at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 15th January 2017

  • Mission Million Books (Marathi)

  • Your used Physiotherapy Equipments can treat poor patients


  • Artificial Leg Technology Breakthrough with Google and IITB

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  • M.G. Mehta Human Spirit Award 2016

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  • M. G. Mehta Human Spirit Award

  • Send a Disabled Person to us for Free Jaipur Foot & Polio Callipers

  • Support Food for Education Programme by Donating Food grains

  • Corporate Participation - Your RUN will make many WALK!!!

  • Your RUN will make many WALK!

  • Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

  • Camp at Dhanbad – 11th to 13th Apr 2015

  • Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015

  • 1.11.14 Mobility Camp - 69 Mobility Appliances distributed for FREE

  • Camp For The Disabled – 25.06.14

  • 399 Mobility Aids given at Mobility camp at Mulund , March 2014

  • Rotary club of Bombay Worli - Camp for physically disabled

  • Dakor Camp 2014

  • Camp For The Disabled - 8.2.14

  • 107 Appliances distributed in a days camp - 9.1.14

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  • Home Management Training

  • Small Business Development

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  • Banaskantha Viklang Melo - 2010

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  • Food for Education - Shri Sai Vidhyalaya

  • Dyansadhana Vidhyalaya

  • Book Donation - 18th June 2010

  • Bomb Blasts of 13 July 2011

  • Bihar Floods 2008

  • Mumbai Marathon - 2016